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Project Description

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*.Unique design makes headset double side charge easily
*.Digital optical fiber input function and digital cable for digital TV users;
*.2.4G with advanced FHSS(Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology,making its signal very stable and very good anti-signal-interference capability;
*.Anti-short-circuits and over-voltage&over-volume protection;
*.Detachable li-ion battery,easy to replace batteries yourself;
*.Tone,Volume,Balance and mono&stereo sound quality adjustment to meet your unique hearing requirement;
*The headset has equipped a MIC inside,just a simple press at its “MIC” button,the headset itself will become a portable personal sound amplifier.Press again it will continue to receive signal from TV.
*.Transmission Distance: over 30 meters (without obstacle)
*.One base can work with many headsets.

*.Transmitting Frequency:2.4GHz ISM GFSK
*.Mic Signal Max Gain :38 ± 2dB(1KHz)
*.Transmitting Distance:≥30m(direct line distance without any obstacles)
*.Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Charging time:3-4 hours
*.Careful anti short circuits designs to make sure the product is at top safety level

Name: Wireless TV assistive listening headphone system

Model no. : SR-108R

Remarks: only receiver